Video interview: Ragnar Tørnquist and Dag Scheve interview

With Dreamfall: Chapters drawing closer to reality, we chatted with Red Thread's designers about what's on the horizon.

PS4 PC Mac Linux 1 | Sep 1, 2014

Following Freeware: July 2014 releases feature

Don't sleep on this month's top free indie adventures, as they're well worth coming out to play.

PC Mac Linux Freeware 2 | Aug 29, 2014

Gods Will Be Watching feature

Prepare to meet your maker time and time again in this brutally and often unfairly challenging resource management simulator.

PC Mac Linux iPhone iPad Android 2 | Aug 26, 2014

Valiant Hearts: The Great War review

War may be hell, but this unique WWI-themed side-scrolling adventure brings out the best of its dramatic potential.

Xbox One PS4 PC iPhone iPad PS3 Xbox 360 5 | Aug 22, 2014

Catmouth Island: Episode 1 review

This quirky indie series debut only toys with its potential, without ever pouncing on the opportunity.

PC Mac Linux iPhone iPad Android 1 | Aug 20, 2014

Quest for Infamy review

Infamy may not be better than glory, but this retro-styled adventure-RPG hybrid holds its own as a fairly entertaining nostalgia romp.

PC Mac 3 | Aug 18, 2014

A Mind Forever Voyaging flashback review

This 1985 Infocom text classic may be dated in style, but its political undertones are more relevant and compelling than ever.

PC 6 | Aug 15, 2014


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Soul Axiom

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Draugen teaser

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Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall sequel now in development at Ragnar Tørnquist's independent studio.
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King’s Quest (2015)

A reimagined update of Sierra's venerable classic.


Silence: The Whispered World 2


The Book of Unwritten Tales 2




Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

Eight different cases with increased player freedom in the latest adventure from Frogwares


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter


Syberia III

A new Kate Walker adventure by Benoît Sokal and Microïds.


Samorost 3



A spiritual claymation successor to The Neverhood.
Based on reader feedback and the staff's assessment of preview material and press demos. Hover titles for details.
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2 Sep
Soul Axiom to become self-evident in 2015

Sci-fi exploration of the afterlife a "spiritual successor" to Master Reboot.

29 Aug
Nancy Drew’s 31st adventure makes its way out this October

Early teaser offers first glimpse of the upcoming Labyrinth of Lies.

28 Aug
Alone With You to be shared on PS4, Vita in 2015

Creator of Home announces sci-fi "psychological romance adventure game".


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August 26 2014 Download

The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode Five: No Going Back

Platform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

August 25 2014 Download

The Journey Down: Chapter Two

Platform(s): iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Mac, PC, Linux

August 21 2014 Download

Shadowgate (2014)

Platform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Mac, PC

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