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Review of Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Rating by Khan4 posted on Aug 19, 2015

Good puzzles but too many bad things : Inventory is a pain. Having to prepare your horse back and forth every time you go riding and come back is annoying. Ranch chores already have no interest, but doing it three times in the game... This repetitiveness makes you loose your interest for puzzles, you don't want to take notes anymore, just finish the damn thing. Then a walkthrough becomes more than tempting. Too bad because the whole message following thing was quite nice.
Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

Review of AR-K: Episode 3 - The Great Escape

Rating by millenia posted on Aug 16, 2015

The More Polished 3rd Episode Delivers the Same Charm as the Previous Ones

Anyone who has played the episodes one and two will immediately notice the improvements to graphics and user interface as well as overall polish in this third part, which was published separately. The feeling of the world and the characters is the same, if not better than before. There are still a couple of vague puzzles but people shouldn't have many reasons to nitpick. If they like the comedic sci-fi setting, the spunky protagonist and have any interest knowing what will happen to the people of A-RK, they definitely should be very pleased to play this game. Now it's all about waiting for the finale to get the full experience at once. This episode gets a 4+
Time Played: 5-10 hours

Review of Bunker: The Underground Game

Rating by lewuz posted on Aug 15, 2015

Should have stayed under ground

I approached to the game being cautiously optimistic. After all I know one or two things about Soviet Union, I like point and click comedy and I have huge respect towards guys who can completely develop a game with their one man army. But then following stuff started to annoy me. Extremely buggy and full of slowdowns thanks to no optimization (although it's too much to ask from Visionaire engine anyway). Uninspired graphical style with poor animations. Repetitive and nerve-racking background music. No voice acting. Character, who is not likeable at least, wastes time by moving slowly. Uncomfortable and barely working user interface (character often moves to wrong place after click, you have to press Space to see inventory, for just few examples). I have nothing against absurdity, but this story is just plain bad from every angle. Some puzzles make barely any sense. And worst of all - absolutely unfunny! It really touched my nerve. Not only the worst game of 2015 what I've played so far, but one of the worst adventures I've ever played. I would have had felt bad from wasted time if the game would be freeware, but its 10 euros!
Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Hard

Review of Grim Fandango Remastered

Rating by Khan4 posted on Aug 11, 2015

Lots of fun but not without flaws

Indeed a very good game, which made me laugh more than most games and just for that it's great and I had a great time. On the "game" side, one could argue with the camera (which is sometimes a pain but not too often) and the inventory, but the major problems to me are some puzzles which are very hard to figure out, due to zero, or very thin and unadapted clues. There are things I would never have figured out if it wasn't by luck or by trying everything with everything after running out of idea. I'm thinking about the gold beverage one (not even something to use on something, you have to guess this one right, or be very lucky that you've done the right thing at the right moment), or the grinder one (how to know what was supposed to go in there? You are practically advised against it everytime you manipulate the thing). Or some puzzles bound to going to a certain place you have no clue you have to go to. All in all, things are not always logical and I don't really like that kind of puzzles, even if it therefore ends being fun. So be warned : you'll get stuck. But still, even with a walkthrough, this game is worth playing, for its humour that will actually makes you laugh, and its one of a kind original and fun setting which may be cartoony but actually not goofy.
Time Played: 10-20 hours

Review of Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel

Rating by Khan4 posted on Aug 6, 2015

Easy but good.

I found this one way more interesting than its predecessor Ghosts Dogs of Moonlake : - More puzzle and more variety in it, makes it for the easiness to me. - A few great ideas like reprograming an arcade machine and of course Miles The Magnificent Memory Machine! - Now you have a cell phone enabling you to make your calls from everywhere (a relief). Even if it was a pretty quick game, it felt good not to get stuck for once!
Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Review of The Perils of Man

Rating by Khan4 posted on Aug 5, 2015


...too short! And the end could have been a little more spectacular. Appart from that, a great game in all aspects.
Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

Review of Syberia

Rating by Khan4 posted on Aug 5, 2015


Ok, the game is pretty and the automaton idea is nice. But that's it. Movement is a pain and there's too much useless screens, so that moving around takes ages and is just upsetting. Dialogues are slow, as is the story which will not get you very far in the end. Puzzles are rendered draining by the movement problem. From the same period please play The Longest Journey, and you'll see what a real good game was at that time, with real imagination inside. Not this over-hyped imagination-lacking unfinished thing. (Because, yes, you'll have to play the second one to finish the story...)
Time Played: 5-10 hours

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