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Putt-Putt Joins the Parade flashback review

The lovable purple convertible blazed the trail for Humongous's junior adventures, though its formula was later lapped by improved sequels.

PC Mac Jan 23, 2015

In memory of Astrid Beulink

Though with heavy hearts, we celebrate the life of a dear friend and colleague who was taken from us far too soon.

All Jan 19, 2015

Gold Rush! Anniversary review

Faithful to every last dead end fault, the 2014 remake does little to enrich the original Sierra classic.

PC Mac Linux Jan 16, 2015

Doorways: The Underworld review

This unnumbered sequel unearths nothing new, instead offering a maze of fetch quests, patrolling monsters and horror clichés.

PC Mac Linux Jan 13, 2015

Adventures in Storytelling: Unrest, The Shopkeeper

From ancient India to Victorian England, you couldn't buy a puzzle in these experimental narrative experiences.

PC Mac Linux Jan 9, 2015

The Talos Principle review

Croteam gets serious with an inspired, Portal-styled sci-fi puzzler that will challenge you both intellectually and emotionally.

PS4 PC Mac Linux Jan 6, 2015

Dave Grossman interview

Listen up, as the acclaimed designer talks about life after Telltale and helping pioneer the interactive audio drama.

All Jan 2, 2015


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Murder teaser

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25 Jan
Contradiction ready to try on iPad

Lengthy teaser trailer heralds new FMV murder mystery; PC version to follow.

22 Jan
The Lost Lords are coming in Game of Thrones: Episode Two

Trailer heralds February 3 launch on PC, Mac, and PSN; other versions later next week.


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Nicolas Eymerich The Inquisitor: Book II - The Village

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