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Escape from Pleasure Planet review

This sci-fi adventure tastefully introduces its LGBTQ-friendly message, but its thin story and hodgepodge of frustrating minigames cause a world of hurt.

PCMacLinux Apr 17, 2017

A Look at Graphics: Lighting the Way

In our ongoing exploration of videogame art, Ben Chandler illuminates a very basic principle we so often take for granted.

All Apr 14, 2017

CAYNE: A STASIS Story review

The surprisingly meaty sci-fi prequel to STASIS raises the bar for freeware adventures, delivering another stellar sci-fi horror experience.

PCMacLinuxFreeware Apr 12, 2017

Haven Moon review

This Myst-style 3D puzzler is a gorgeous island experience that may be eclipsed by its thin story and relentless puzzle difficulty.

PCMacLinux Apr 3, 2017

Thimbleweed Park review

Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick's latest opus stands proudly with the classics of a genre they helped pioneer decades ago.

Following Freeware: February 2017 releases

After a couple light months, our latest round-up will spoon-feed you a mass of effective games to choose from.

PCMacLinuxFreeware Mar 28, 2017

Eye on iOS: Lost Phone edition

In our latest round-up of mobile adventures, we put three fairly similar phone-snooping games through the wringer.


Latest Videos (Linux)

Full Throttle Remastered release trailer

PS Vita PS4 PC Mac Linux iPhone iPad
Apr 18, 2017

Under That Rain: Episode One

PC Mac Linux
Apr 17, 2017


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What's New? (Linux)
24 Apr 2017
Meaty “un-demo” diversion unpacked for Bertram Fiddle

Second installment of Victorian-era cartoon mystery adventure coming next month.

17 Apr 2017
Under That Rain makes a splash with new trailer

Episodic psychological horror series debut set to launch sometime this spring.

14 Apr 2017
New trailer breaks free for Hiveswap: Act 1

Episodic Homestuck adventure debut pushed back, but release date drawing closer.

5 Apr 2017
Story trailer ubound for The Fall’s second installment

Part 2 of side-scrolling sci-fi trilogy with light Metroidvania elements due out later this year.

30 Mar 2017
Beat Cop making the rounds

1980s-inspired adventure-sim available for download now on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

29 Mar 2017
Guard Duty shifts into production mode

Successfully crowdfunded comic sci-fi fantasy adventure coming in 2018.


Recent New Releases (Linux)
April 18 2017 Digital

Full Throttle Remastered

Platform(s): iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Vita, Linux

March 30 2017 Digital

Beat Cop

Platform(s): Mac, PC, Linux

March 30 2017 Digital

Thimbleweed Park

Platform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, Xbox One, Linux

An all-new old-school adventure by the creators of Maniac Mansion.