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Game of Thrones: Episode Two - The Lost Lords

The tension and consequences are ramped up in the chilling second episode of Telltale's fantasy series.

Xbox One PS4 PC Mac iPhone iPad Android PS3 Xbox 360 Feb 25, 2015

The Aggie Awards - The Best Adventure Games of 2014

FINAL DAY!: The Aggie Awards come to a close, as day three ranges from our honourable mentions to Game of the Year.

All Feb 18, 2015

2014 Aggie Award Nominees

The envelopes remain sealed, but today we unveil the finalists competing for Adventure Gamers' coveted statuettes.

All Feb 6, 2015

In memory of Astrid Beulink

Though with heavy hearts, we celebrate the life of a dear friend and colleague who was taken from us far too soon.

All Jan 19, 2015

Dave Grossman interview

Listen up, as the acclaimed designer talks about life after Telltale and helping pioneer the interactive audio drama.

All Jan 2, 2015

An FMV Christmas 2014: Season’s Greetings

'Tis the season to follow the genre's brightest stars and capture their personal holiday wishes on camera.

All Dec 25, 2014

AdventureX 2014 - Part 2: The People

The minds behind the games take centre stage in the final part of our convention round-up from London.

All Dec 19, 2014


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Pneuma: Breath of Life launch trailer

Oculus Rift Xbox One PC
Feb 27, 2015

The A.B.C. Murders teaser

Xbox One PS4 PC Mac iPhone iPad Android
Feb 24, 2015


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27 Feb
Pneuma gets Breath of Life

Philosophical first-person puzzler now available for both PC and Xbox One.

24 Feb
Telltale Games roaring after investment from Lionsgate

Partnership to include original IP in new "Super Show" format bridging TV and games.

4 Feb
Inhale first gameplay footage of Pneuma: Breath of Life

3D puzzler debuts on Xbox One February 27th; PC version to follow.

3 Feb
Game of Thrones continues with The Lost Lords

Trailer signals launch of PC/Mac and PSN versions; other platforms to follow this week.


Recent New Releases (X360 & XOne)
February 27 2015 Digital

Pneuma: Breath of Life

Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, Oculus Rift

February 3 2015 Digital

Game of Thrones: Episode Two - The Lost Lords

Platform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

January 30 2015 Digital

Life is Strange: Episode One - Chrysalis

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One