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Have you been away from the genre for a while and wondering what’s been going on since you left? Or perhaps only been paying sporadic attention and worried about what’s fallen through the cracks? Maybe you’re even a newcomer to adventure games and looking for more.

Whatever the circumstance, we’re here to help! For easy reference, read on as we take you through the latest and greatest options of recent months, plus a few timeless gems you may have overlooked. Our selection runs the spectrum from full-fledged PC adventures to casual games to independent productions, plus Wii and DS choices for console gamers. There’s surely something here for everyone.

Welcome (back), adventurers, and enjoy!

(Note: Along with each item on these lists are direct links to online retailers and download sites. Many of these are affiliate links, meaning Adventure Gamers gets a small commission when you make a purchase, but these links are purely optional and most games are still widely available.)

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