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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy review

The sixth and possibly final Layton puzzle-adventure starts out with a bang and ends the popular series on a high note.

3DS Mar 14, 2014

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies review

The spiky-haired defense attorney makes an explosive return in another entertainingly offbeat courtroom adventure.

3DS Mar 12, 2014

The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths review

There's cinematic treasure to be found in this TV cartoon adaptation, but it's hidden within maze after maze that increasingly tarnish the experience.

PC iPhone iPad 3DS WiiU Feb 4, 2014

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask review

The popular puzzling series adds a whole new visual dimension on 3DS, exposing a few storytelling cracks in an otherwise winning formula.

3DS Jan 10, 2014

The Starship Damrey review

This downloadable sci-fi exclusive for 3DS is a moody exploration vehicle, but highly robotic in its simplified gameplay.

3DS Jun 12, 2013



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11 Jun
Bell rings in US this summer for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright

New trailer heralds North American debut of the crossover Capcom title on August 29th.

6 Jun
Updated Phoenix Wright trilogy returns on 3DS later this year

First three courtroom dramas remade with 3D graphics and coming to 3DS eShop in Winter 2014.

22 Nov
Phoenix Wright dives into new case in DLC

Downloadable "Turnabout Reclaimed" case now available for Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies.


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March 28 2014 Europe
November 21 2013 Digital

The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths

Platform(s): 3DS, iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, PC, WiiU

November 8 2013 Europe

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