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The Whispered World

Developer Release Year Platforms
Daedalic Entertainment 2010 PC

Sadwick is a young clown, travelling a fairy tale world with his family’s circus. But he is in no laughing mood on a disappointing search for meaning in his life. One night, a mysterious form speaks to him in a dream and sends him on perilous journey. Many challenges await Sadwick, for the world he knows so well is doomed...


The Whispered World review

4.0 stars: "A game of very high quality. Although some aspects might have been executed better, we would recommend this game without hesitation."

This charming fantasy adventure is spot-on in most respects, and is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

2010 Aggie Awards

The three-day Aggie Awards are now over, honouring all the best adventures of 2010, including our Game of the Year!

Feb 16, 2011

The Whispered World archived preview

Daedalic's fantasy adventure is getting closer by the day, and was spotted on display at the recent GDC.

Apr 7, 2010

The Whispered World hands-on archived preview

It's hard to keep quiet about this promising fantasy adventure, as a playable demo provides a first look at the game in action.

Aug 8, 2008

The Whispered World first look archived preview

Daedalic has been quietly making this fantasy adventure a reality, and it's time to start spreading the word.

Feb 10, 2008


Game Information
Platform PC
Perspective Third-Person
Control Point-and-click
Gameplay Quest
Genre Fantasy
Theme -
Graphic Style Stylized art
Presentation -
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags -
Media DVD


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The Whispered World

Apr 23, 2010

The Whispered World

Mar 25, 2010

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