Haunted to finally materialize in stores December 11th

What if you're a group of ghosts with no place to haunt? That's been the question for the spectral stars of Haunted until now, but at long last the supernatural comic adventure from Deck13 is heading for release next month.

Haunted follows the tale of a young girl named Mary, who awakens in 19th century London on a laboratory table just about to be dissected. Escaping the clutches of the unscrupulous Professor Lindsey Ashcroft and her henchman, Mary discovers she has the ability to see and hear ghosts, a gift that seems like a blessing in her quest to find her long-lost and presumably dead sister. But it also comes with some unexpected consequences when she forms a ghostly entourage, including the dimunitive Oscar the pirate, the kilt-wearing William Wallace, and the fish bowl-imprisoned Confucius.

Since originally appearing in Germany, the game has lived a rather cursed existence in getting an English language release due to the financial difficulties of publisher dtp. However, Viva Media will be handling distribution of the game this time, with a scheduled launch date of December 11th.

For more information about Haunted, check out our hands-on preview of the game.


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United States December 5 2012 Viva Media