Adventures in Storytelling

Our coverage of interactive experiences that heavily prioritize narrative over gameplay.

Oxenfree review

The slickly presented, narrative-driven horror story is effectively tuned into the authentic teenage experience

0 | Feb 22, 2016

Firewatch review

Be on the lookout for this rich character-driven journey, even if some of its smouldering promise is snuffed out along the way.

0 | Feb 10, 2016

Masochisia review

This raw, dark and disturbing story-driven experience cuts to the bone of child abuse and mental illness.

0 | Feb 3, 2016

Caffeine: Episode One review

This three-part sci-fi exploration series barely begins percolating with a debut installment that doesn't fully mine its premise.

0 | Jan 18, 2016

Sun Dogs review

This unique text exploration of a transhumanist future feels coolly detached but largely stellar in execution.

0 | Dec 16, 2015

Game of Thrones review

The House Forrester saga comes to a head in the dramatic season finale, though a key story branch gets lost in the woods.

4 | Dec 9, 2015

The Park review

Funcom's Secret World spin-off is a short but effectively creepy horror ride driven by story rather than gameplay.

0 | Nov 13, 2015

Tales from the Borderlands review

The final episode pays off handsomely in a wonderful series short on gameplay but packing loads of narrative punch.

7 | Nov 11, 2015

Beyond Eyes review

This lovely watercolour journey demonstrates how beauty can still be in the eye of the beholder even when the beholder is blind.

0 | Oct 7, 2015

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture review

There are no living people or puzzles to find, but there's a mystery to uncover by those who see the light in this gorgeous open world PS4 exclusive.

0 | Sep 25, 2015

Home is Where One Starts review

Those who enjoy puzzle-free exploration games may find themselves drawn home once again.

0 | Jul 22, 2015

Epanalepsis review

This minimalist short story starts out strongly, but can't repeat its early success through multiple eras of abstraction.

0 | Jul 14, 2015

Sunset review

All's fair in love and war, but reactions will run both warm and cool to Tale of Tales' latest interactive story.

1 | Jul 1, 2015

Drizzlepath review

This exploratory journey has plenty of gorgeous environments, but no puzzles and only a sprinkling of obscure storytelling along the way.

6 | May 27, 2015

Adventures in Storytelling: The Detail, Grail to the Thief feature

They may not be everyone's cuppa, but two very different quests await for the puzzle- and even visually-impaired.

2 | Jan 27, 2015

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