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15 Apr 2017
Seclusion: Islesbury comes out of hiding with pair of trailers

Panoramic first-person mystery coming later this year now on Steam Greenlight.

14 Apr 2017
The Search found today on PC

First-person slideshow-style adventure available for download on Steam and itch.io.

14 Apr 2017
New trailer breaks free for Hiveswap: Act 1

Episodic Homestuck adventure debut pushed back, but release date drawing closer.

13 Apr 2017
First details touch down for Football Game

Surreal retro-styled indie adventure coming later this year rallying fans on Steam Greenlight.

11 Apr 2017
Have a ball with The Sexy Brutale

Time-looping masquerade murder mystery available today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

10 Apr 2017
Time, Space and Matter to converge this summer

Environmental, Portal-style sci-fi physics puzzler coming to Windows and Mac.

9 Apr 2017
First details emerge for Harold Halibut

First trailer highlights underwater sci-fi comic adventure made from hand-crafted materials.

8 Apr 2017
Bookworms inching its way to PC release

First screenshots, story detailed unveiled for indie Swedish fantasy adventure.

7 Apr 2017
Secret Files: Tunguska reopened on iOS

Once removed, now returned, Animation Arts adventure free on the App Store until April 20th.

6 Apr 2017
The Franz Kafka Videogame ready for trial

Surreal puzzler from the creator of Hamlet available now for Windows PC download.

6 Apr 2017
Saucer-Like dished up on PC

Asian-inspired "animist fable" available now for download on Steam.

6 Apr 2017
Clock is ticking on The Watchmaker’s Kickstarter campaign

Playable demo of time-based 3D platforming adventure available for PC download.

5 Apr 2017
Paradigm established on Windows and Mac

Surreal sci-fi adventure available now for download; Linux version to follow.

5 Apr 2017
Story trailer ubound for The Fall’s second installment

Part 2 of side-scrolling sci-fi trilogy with light Metroidvania elements due out later this year.

4 Apr 2017
Zombie Society: Dead Detective seeking extra life on Kickstarter

Playable demo available for retro-styled comic undead mystery adventure.

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