Real-time 3D adventure Eleusis unleashed on Desura

A trip to the rural Greece may seem like an ideal vacation, but you'll find no sanctuary in Eleusis, a new real-time 3D indie adventure now available for download.

In the debut title from Nocturnal Works, players visit a seemingly abandoned village in Greece. As you begin to explore, however, you'll find out that not only aren't you alone, you've landed in the "nest of a cult which plans to revive a dark force through an ancient ritual and harness its power."  It's now up to you to rise to the challenge of "unlocking the forgotten knowledge of the ancient mysteries in order to stop the cult from accomplishing their goal."

As seen in the game's darkly atmospheric launch trailer, Eleusis features realistic first-person graphics using Unreal engine technology. As you explore the "open environment with realistic physics in the Greek countryside", you will be called upon to "solve the mystery by finding clues and reading texts based on actual history, mythology and technology of ancient Greece."

Unlike most games, if you like what you see of Eleusis so far, you don't have to wait at all to experience more, as the game is already available for download on Desura on PC. If you're still not quite sold, a playable demo can be found at the game's official website. You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.


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Horror, Mystery

Nocturnal Works

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Digital February 22 2013 Nocturnal Works
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