Second chapter of Shadows on the Vatican looming early next year

We may be approaching a sacred holiday season, but there are more Shadows on the Vatican looming, as the first game details and trailer have just been released for the upcoming second act, Wrath.

In the debut episode of this four-part series, American doctor James Murphy returned to Rome for the first time since he quite the priesthood, responding to a plea for help from an old friend. But when his friend was seriously injured for the secret knowledge he possessed, Murphy himself became embroiled in an investigation that has deeper political and religious consequences than he ever could have imagined.

In the second installment, an assassin named Silvia has now become the hunted for failing to carry out her latest assignment. As an "expendable pawn", her only chance for survival is "to face the deadly conspirator openly". But doing so requires a "forced alliance with her ex-target", in which James and Silvia must come to terms with their own limitations.

Although the game's trailer refers to a 2012 release, the downloadable English version of the game isn't quite ready yet, as Italian publisher Adventure Productions hopes to launch the localized version late next month. In the meantime, to learn more about Shadows on the Vatican, check out the game's official website.


Game Info
Digital March 21 2014 Adventure Productions

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