Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold dug up on Steam Greenlight

The Wild West may be long gone, but its spirit continues to live on in classic adventures like the upcoming Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold.

Co-designed by Finnish designer/composer Paavo Harkonen and acclaimed industry veteran Josh Mandel (who should know a little something about westerns from his stellar work on Freddy Pharkas), Fester Mudd is a three-part "comic saga of exploration, reunion, and redemption" that hearkens back to the classic '90s adventures, starring an unlikely hero who "somehow manages to be intrepid but cowardly, ambitious yet lazy, dimwitted but brilliant".

In Episode 1, Fester plans to join his long-lost brother Bud for a treasure hunt, but when he arrives in the town of Loamsmouth, he discovers that Bud has disappeared. Now Fester must "enlist the aid of an experienced gunslinger to help him make his way through Indian territory to track down both his missing brother and the gold that awaits them both! But gunslingers don’t come cheap... and Fester must find a way to convince him to join him on the perilous quest."

As the game's amusing announcement trailer indicates, Curse of the Gold is a retro-styled adventure with 320x200 resolution graphics and SCUMM-style interaction. In the first episode, players will accompany Fester in "exploring Loamsmouth and surrounding territories. Along the way, he’ll meet and deal with an assortment of Old West roughnecks, flim-flammers, and other larger-than-life characters."

Published by Replay Games (of Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded fame), Fester Mudd is currently on track for downloadable release in the first quarter of 2013, with both sequels to follow hopefully before the end of the year. If you'd like to see the debut released on Steam, you can vote for the game through the Greenlight program while you wait.


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Digital March 5 2013 Replay Games

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Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold - Episode 1: A Fistful of Pocket Lint

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Kasper F. Nielsen Kasper F. Nielsen
Nov 25, 2012

Gotta admit this looks really interesting, especially coming from Replay Games which I didn’t have much hope in after all those problems earlier this year. Josh seems like he has his stuff together.

Dag Dag
Nov 25, 2012

Yeah, even though there will be no voices, this game seems to provide enough charm and nostalgia to more than make up for it. Looking very much forward to playing it.

MoonBird MoonBird
Nov 25, 2012

*sigh…* if only there would be voice-acting…

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