The Critter Chronicles to emerge from hibernation December 5th

The original Book of Unwritten Tales certainly proved worth the lengthy wait for its English localization, and there's every reason to believe the same will be true of The Critter Chronicles, which publisher Nordic Games has just announced will be arriving next month.

The Critter Chronicles is a prequel to KING Art's #64 top all time adventure, which "allows players to travel back to the very beginning when Nate Bonnett first met his hairy sidekick Critter." In this game, a whole tribe of Critters is being threatened by a warlock, while the original Critter has fallen in love with the chieftain's daughter and is in need of assistance that perhaps Nate can provide.

As seen in the game's new trailer, background graphics in The Critter Chronicles have been improved over its predecessor, as the story takes players "from the Northlands to the Mage's Tower of Seastone", meeting bizarre new characters along the way, such as "animal rights activist Petra, a schizophrenic Yeti, and the Critters."

The Critter Chronicles will be available for download through major digital distributors on December 5th for Windows, Mac, and Linux. To help tide you over in the meantime, have a look at our preview of the game.


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The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles

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KING Art Games

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Digital December 5 2012 Nordic Games

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