Ankh expansion announced

Heart of Osiris to be a standalone episode

If you're still brushing the sand off your feet from your first trip through Ankh, you might want to wait, as you'll soon be making another trip back to the Egyptian desert. Deck 13 and bhv, the developer/publisher tandem behind the original 3D comic adventure released in Europe, have recently announced that they are teaming up once again for a standalone expansion called Ankh: Heart of Osiris.

Following a press release only in German, Deck 13 has confirmed development of the standalone pseudo-sequel. The new game will take players through fifteen scenes in ancient Egypt, half of which are completely new, while the other half have been overhauled from Ankh. Familiar faces will be back, including Assil, Thara, and the Pharaoh, along with new additions to an already-quirky cast, including a burning bush that thinks it is God.

Heart of Osiris is scheduled for release in Germany this fall. The developer has confirmed that an English version of the game will be released, but there is currently no official word on a projected publishing date for localized versions.


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