Secret Files spins off into Africa with Sam Peters in September

PC Written by Jack Allin — Jul 26, 2013

Nina Kalenkov and Max Gruber may have run out of secret files to expose for now, but a secondary player from Puritas Cordis is stepping into her own starring role in the upcoming spin-off adventure Secret Files: Sam Peters.

Sam Peters is a journalist chasing her next big scoop, as "scientists in Africa have discovered changes in the genetic codes of aquatic animals. Their home, Lake Bosumtwi, was formed over a million years ago through the impact of a meteor. Could it be that alien lifeforms made it to Earth that way?" But when a research expedition disappears from the rainforest without a trace, will Sam have what it takes to pursue the story to the end?

Like the previous Secret Files games, Sam Peters is being developed by Animation Arts and will be published by Deep Silver. Unlike its predecessors, however, this spin-off will be available exclusively as a download, promising "several hours" of gameplay for a cost of 9.99 euro.

Secret Files: Sam Peters will be launched on September 27th.

Secret Files: Sam Peters

Platform(s): PC

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