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May 2004



RPG Vault has interviewed Ragnar Törnquist of Funcom about Dreamfall, the sequel to The Longest Journey. The article includes four new screenshots and two new concept images.


Jonric: How would you describe Dreamfall in terms of an introductory summary for our readers? What kind of gaming experience will it provide, and to what does the title refer?


Ragnar Tornquist: Dreamfall is an action adventure game in the truest sense of the word, with plenty of action and a whole lot of adventuring. We've taken inspiration from a bunch of our favourite games on the PC and consoles including Eternal Darkness, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Knights of the Old Republic, Shenmue, Prince of Persia - although there really isn't one game out there that you can point to and say "that's Dreamfall". In that sense, it isn't easily pigeonholed; it's not a carbon copy of the latest hits out there. It's an amalgam, I think, of game elements and genres that we love, mixed together into something that feels unique, original, and powerful. That's hyperbole, of course, but we're honestly excited about what we have. We think it's going to turn heads.




Another Jules Verne-based adventure game is set to hit the market this winter. The Adventure Company today announced that they will be publishing a game adaptation of Verne's Return to Mysterious Island. It is being developed by Kheops Studios, who previously worked on Crystal Key II and The Egyptian Prophecy.

Adventure Gamers will keep you updated with current information about Return to Mysterious Island as it becomes available.



Funcom has just opened the official site of Dreamfall - The Longest Journey, sequel to the hit adventure game The Longest Journey. The site has the very first information on the game's three protagonists, a number of screenshots, concept art and general game information. The site will be regularly updated with new content.

[image=1834] [image=1832] [image=1837]

We'll have more on the game in two days, as we see it for ourselves at the E3.



The Adventure Company has just announced its publication of developer Lexis Numérique's innovative and mature themed Missing for PC for North America as part of its 2004 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) lineup. Missing, originally released by Ubisoft in Europe last year under the title In Memoriam, puts the player as a sleuth investigating the mysterious disappearance of a journalist and his female companion, with the game utilizing the Internet itself and coaxing the player into a game of cat and mouse through actual email messages, video movies, disturbing yet intriguing images, and websites both real and fictitious, in order to find out what happened to the vanished couple. Expect the game to launch this summer (Q2-3 2004).

To get a taste of Missing, read our own review of In Memoriam, and grab the playable In Memoriam demo from mirrors at Gamer's Hell.



The Adventure Company is currently hosting a newsletter sign up contest:

"Everyone who signs up for the The Adventure Company Newsletter during the month of May will be automatically entered in a draw to win one of 3 prizes:

1st Prize is a $40.00 credit towards your next purchase on The

Adventure Company online store.

2nd Prize is a $20.00 credit towards your next purchase on The

Adventure Company online store.

3rd Prize is a $10.00 credit towards your next purchase on The

Adventure Company online store."

Shipping costs for the online purchases by the winners compliments of The Adventure Company. To enter the contest click over to the company site.



Vivendi has released an "interview" with Larry Lovage, the main character in the upcoming Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. Old Larry fans will probably enjoy noticing Larry Lovage's listed role model. Also, a batch of new screenshots has been added to our screenshots gallery.

On another note, Leisure Suit Larry has been cited on GameCritics retrospective on sex in videogames, titled Game for Sex Vol. 1.

Larry Lovage

Interview by David Fingerhut

Photography by Barnabas Savage


BORN: February 28, 1979

MAJOR: Hotel/Restaraunt Management

HEIGHT : 4' 8"

WEIGHT: 130 lbs.


TURN-ONS: boobies, vaginas, armpits

TURN-OFFS: wieners, Charlie Daniels

HOBBIES: masturbating, collecting Little Rascals memorabilia

FAVORITE MOVIE: The Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure


FAVORITE SONG: "Hey There Lonely Girl" by Eddie Holman

ROLE MODEL: Larry Laffer



Larry Lovage is pretty humble for a man on the brink of international fame. I show up late to the interview. We meet at Lefty's Too, a dirtbag dive with a smoky ambience you could cut with a knife. I find him sitting by the bar in the corner. I introduce myself and apologize for my tardiness. He's wearing dark sunglasses and a large, fake white beard. "I gotta keep a low-profile these days," he explains.

We order up some bar food and I kick back a few longnecks of Gator Country. There's a Full House marathon on TV - so of course, I can't resist. We're watching the episode where Uncle Jesse tries to start a band when he taps me on the shoulder.

What's up?


Man, that Dave Coulier's f_ckin' hilarious! Did you just hear him do the woodchuck voice? Now that's comedy!

Yeah, he's pretty funny.

What's wrong, man? You want another drink?

Don't get me wrong, this has been fun - you paying for stuff and all, but-

Those quesadillas were awesome, right? High five!

Yeah... "high five". David, we've been here for like five hours and you still haven't asked me any questions. I though this was my big moment, y' know? America's gonna see this game, which is completely biased. It paints this picture of me as an inept, sex-crazed loser. This is my chance to show people the real me.

Did you know that the character of Michelle is actually played by two twins? The Olsen twins. Now there are some talented kids. They act. They even sing. I got their first album, Brother For Sale. Not good, man. Stay away.


They're kinda hot. I think they're almost legal now, too. High five!

No more high fives.

What's the problem, man?

The interview. You said you were going to interview me.

Oh yeah... "the interview". Sorry, man. I left my cards with the questions on 'em in the car.

That's cool. I can wait here.

Yeah... I don't know where my car is, man. I parked it right in front of the hospital and now it's just gone. Weird, huh?

Hey. That is weird.

Hey, I'm not worried. It's the rental car company's problem now. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ha! Ha! Stupid rental car company.

Yeah. "Stupid rental car company"...



Hey. Why don't you just make up some questions?

I can't do that.

Sure you can.

Okay... uh... what's your favorite breakfast cereal?

Cookie Crisp.

Good answer. Um... uh... what's your favorite Van Halen album?

I don't know. Uh... Women and Children First.

Wrong answer! Diver Down! You lose!

Okay. Calm down. Next question...

Okay... uh... what's your favorite breakfast cereal?

You just asked me that!

I did? Well, that was like a minute and a half ago. Maybe you have a new favorite cereal.

No. It's still Cookie Crisp.

My grandpa likes Mueslix.

(long silence)

F_ck this! Let's go to the titty bar!

Now you're talkin'!



The Adventure Company today responded to our requests for comment on the recent news regarding Jane Jensen's new game being put on hold. Here is a transcript of our questions and their responses. Terse comments, to be sure, but we appreciate their response nonetheless.

(AG) Was the game still in pre-production, or was it in production phase?

(TAC) Yes, the game was in pre-production.

Was financial viability the reason for cancelling Project Jane-J?

We should clarify that the game wasn't cancelled; it was just put on hold.

Does this signify a return of TAC to lower-budget games, or is it too soon to draw conclusions? Is TAC still pursuing big-budget games in the style of Project Jane-J or Broken Sword 3?

The Adventure Company is always working on new projects to fit a wide range of budgets including value-priced titles and games in the premium retail price range.

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