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April 2004



The first screenshots of the upcoming The Longest Journey-sequel Dreamfall have appeared in the UK edition of PC Gamer. One of the images shows a more developed version of the concept screen we posted in December.

(Images deleted at the request of PC Gamer)

Pick up the latest copy of PC Gamer for non-blurry versions of these pictures. The accompanying article deals with the current state of the adventure genre, also mentioning the cancellation of Sam & Max: Freelance Police and the recent confirmation of Beneath a Steel Sky 2. More information on Dreamfall is expected at E3.

(Thanks to Jake for tipping this off by accident.)

Update - April 17: We've replaced the blurry scans with slightly less blurry scans.



Cirque De Zale was released today, and it's already been garnering praise for its pretty graphics and excellent humour. You can get the game here and leave comments (and praise) for its creator here. You can find its Games Page entry, with a short review, here.



Adventure Gamers' own Josh Roberts, who also writes the Adventure Architect articles (you have read the latest part, haven't you?), is looking for an animator for Wild West-set game Rise of the Hidden Sun. So, if the idea of creating character walk-cycles and in-game animations for a hotly anticipated and extremely promising adventure game (me? biased?) appeals to you, head on over to the 'Help Wanted' page on the Chapter 11 Studios website.

Ride 'em, cowboy!



A new demo of developer Revistronic's The Westerner is now available in German languange voiceover. This 216MB demo is about three times as big as the original Spanish demo, features an introduction as well as more puzzles, and can be had from mirrors at Gamer's Hell.

For more information on The Westerner read our preview.



Developer Buka and distributor Saturn+ have just released a second demo for the horror themed adventure Midnight Nowhere. The 216MB demo features new content and is now in English, and can be downloaded from 3D Gamers, Worthplaying, or Gamer's Hell.

For more information on Midnight Nowhere, read our own AG review.


Apr has just given Midnight Nowhere a score of 21:


"We like cerebral games here at VGL, sure, but Midnight Nowhere takes the biscuit. Early previews and reports we read stated that the developers admitted a walkthrough may be needed to complete Midnight Nowhere, but only at the cost of doing so quickly. If you really wanted to savour the experience then ditch the walkthrough and get the brain working over time. That said, we can’t think of anyone who would want to savour something like Midnight Nowhere. It’s a milestone in rubbish gaming, an absolute corker of crap. It is, essentially, one of the worst games we’ve played. There is no saving grace, no one thing that we can recommend it for, no shinning light amidst the s**t. It’s ugly, it’s crude, we suspect the developer of necrophilia and we really don’t like it."


Read the full review here.



Although it's been known for some time that Myst IV was in development, Ubi Soft today officially announced the project and its full title. The game will be developed by Ubi Soft's own Montreal studios, which is known for developing games such as Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Splinter Cell.

Judging by the video and screenshots that have been released, Myst IV sticks to the series' proven formula. All the traditional Myst elements are there, most noticeably the full motion video characters and panoramic first-person views.

Myst IV revolves around a family drama in which a little girl disappears and her two brothers, Sirrus and Achenar, are suspected. Understanding their motives will be the key to the investigation which will lead to a true "revelation."

"Myst IV Revelation will take players into the twisted minds and worlds of two evil brothers, deep inside an intense family drama, and immerse them within a visually stunning environment," said Genevieve Lord, producer at Ubisoft. "The game is simply a 'must-have' for Myst fans and will also appeal to new players. The storyline is very suspenseful, the puzzles are compelling, and the music, produced by Jack Wall in partnership with Peter Gabriel, will create an unparalleled experience."

According to GameSpot, Ubi Soft plans to release the game in fall 2004. Additional launch details and information will be announced at a later date.

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