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March 2004



The Adventure Company has released ten new screenshots from their upcoming The Egyptian Prophecy adventure. They could be found in our screenshots gallery.

This first person adventure has an easy to use point-and-click

interface with high quality cinematics, and integrated 3D real-time puzzles.

The story itself is based on the Egyptian leader, Ramses II. He was the

ruler of Egypt from 1304 to 1237 B.C. He is 60 years old and dying, but

he does not want to perish or renounce his magnificent kingdom. The

Egyptian god Amon-Re has agreed to grant him health and prolong his

reign as Pharaoh... but under the condition that Ramses reconstructs

Amon-Re's temple - the most colossal obelisk ever constructed by man.

Also, Gamer's Hell has posted some movie clips.



Pirate Fry 2: The Hand of Anturus, the sequel to the popular Pirate Fry and Volcano Island and prequel to the strangely already-completed Pirate Fry 3: The Isle of the Dead, was recently released by Squinky Productions. Pirate Fry 3 was released last October after its creator decided to put Fry 2 on hold for a while. Confused fans can now get the missing middle chapter from Squinky Productions' download link.

All three Pirate Fry games are built on the AGS engine. More information about AGS can be found here.



Last week's surprising cancellation of Sam & Max: Freelance Police has really stirred up the gaming community, as evidenced by more than 13.000 fans petitioning to bring the game back.

The initiator of the online petition has already received a reply from LucasArts' PR community manager, which said that the decision to cancel Sam & Max 2 was "not easy" and that LucasArts is "fully informed of the number and sentiment" of the fan outcry, assuring that the fan's voices are being heard.

You can still sign the petition, and e-mail your thoughts about the cancellation to A printed copy of all the signatures will be sent to LucasArts later this week.



The Adventure Company's Riddle of the Sphinx II: The Omega Stone has shipped for Mac OSX. Look for it in a store near you.

For more information on this title, check out our review of the PC version.



GMX Media today announced that it has secured the Pan-European rights for Martin Mystere: Operation Dorian Gray, a point and click adventure game based on Alfredo Castelli's character bearing the same name.

Not much of the game's story has been revealed yet, but we're told that it's based on man's recurring dreams of everlasting youth and immortality.

GMX promises us:

A very strong and scheming story

Back-up by an international comic and TV cartoon series license;

A really hi-quality 3D graphic interactive world;

Innovative 3D Real-Time and full motion video comic style;

A cinematographic direction with exciting Dolby Digital Surround music

The game will be released for the XBOX in April, while the PC version will be released in August. To see some screenshots from the game, check out GMX's website.

For more info, read Adventure-Archive's interview with Riccardo Cangini of Artematica or visit GMX Media's site.

In other GMX-related news, their first person adventure, A Quiet Weekend in Capri, has shipped to retail stores.



A Friend Indeed : The Adventures of JP & Cosmo was released today. It's an isometric adventure in which you play a man trying to reach a bomb shelter in time to avoid the upcoming armageddon. Get it here, while you can view its games page entry here.



Ubi Soft today announced the third addition to the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series, titled CSI: Miami. The game is slated for a Winter 2004-05 release.

The game will follow in the footsteps of the two previous installations in the series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and the upcoming CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Dark Motives, where players have the chance to solve a number of cases working with the stars of the show.

The game is based on the TV-series with the same name, and follows a South Florida team of forensic investigators who use both cutting-edge scientific methods and old-fashioned police work to solve crimes.

"We will incorporate the same attention to detail that made the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation games so popular in the US and Europe alike," says Tony Van, Executive Producer for the CSI series of games. "We look forward to taking everything that makes CSI: Miami unique as a series and infuse it into our game."

The game will be released next winter, although CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Dark Motives is scheduled for relase on March 16th.

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