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April 2004



Gamespy has put Syberia II through its test, giving it a particularly detailed review and an overal score of 3/5 stars:


"Syberia II doesn't come close to the level of sophistication displayed by the first game. I was looking forward to a deeper exploration of Kate's character. I wanted more insight about why she's decided to leave her entire life behind to help a crazy old man discover an island that may not exist. Instead, what I got was a woman with steely-jawed determination as her defining characteristic and absolutely no exploration about why she's doing what she's doing. In Syberia II, Kate stopped being a character and became a characteristic."


Quandary gave Crystal Key 2 3.5/5 stars, while GameZone gave it a score of 7.2/10:


"Crystal Key 2 is a good game that will satisfy some gamers, while leaving other gamers scratching their heads. Honestly if you’re a point and click game nut, then add an extra point to all of the scores. The game offers an easy to use control scheme, good graphics, above average music and an interesting story. For gamers that just don’t have the patience anymore for a point and click game, then this definitely isn’t your game. The game probably could have been released 5 to 10 years ago and played just the same as it does today. This is either a good thing or a bad thing and it all depends on you."




News reaches us of an intriguing addition to the toolset list available for the amateur adventure developer, in the form of a tool used in conjunction with an engine that is already available. Rapid Adventure Game Development, or RAGD, aims to allow game development without the need for any coding, with all game mechanics available through a GUI (Graphical User Interface, if you were wondering).

Currently, RAGD is in development for the IndianaJava Multiplatform Adventure Game Engine (phew!), but, cleverly, it is being coded in such a way that it does not need to be tied to only this engine. A version for one of the more popular engines is therefore a distinct possibility.

For more information on RAGD, go and take a look at the the official website. There is no fixed release date.



Game Over's review gave Uru: Ages Beyond Myst a score of 60%:


"Whether or not you like the fourth Myst game, Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, will probably have a lot to do with why you play adventure games. If you play them for meeting new characters and participating in exciting stories, then you’re probably not going to like Uru. But if you like pretty scenery and challenging puzzles, then Uru might keep you occupied for many a night. Unfortunately for me, I find myself much more in the first category than the second, and playing Uru turned into an odd form of torture until I finally gave up on it."


Also available is our own AG review of Uru.



The Adventure Company in partnership with developer Streko-Graphics Inc. has just launched the official site for Aura: The Fate Of The Ages, a classic point-&-click first person adventure scheduled for simultaneous release in Europe and North America for this June (Q2 2004) with a projected ESRB rating of E (Everyone).

Aura will place the player in four parallel worlds, each with their unique histories, atmospheres, and mysteries to solve. Within these worlds the story of the 'Keepers' is unfolded, and with it the legend of the magical rings they guard that, when combined with certain artifacts found in the four worlds, grant power and immortality to whomever undertakes the task. Aura will use a traditional mouse point-&-click interface, and the graphics approach the quality and richness of the titles from the Myst series.

Screenshots from the game can be found in the official site. More screens can be viewed at our own gallery. Stayed tuned for more breaking news on Aura here at AG.



No, it's not some strange STD, thankfully that's cleared up. A Case of the Crabs is a new Flash-based freeware adventure that can be played online or offline. Find out more about it here.

A full review by Evan Dickens is available here.



White Birds Productions, the new studio headed by Syberia creator Benoit Sokal, has posted a new piece of concept art for their game Lost Paradise. It is an initial study for two female characters that the player will meet at the beginning of the game.

March 2004



The official Uru: Ages Beyond Myst site has just announced Myst Uru: The Path of the Shell, the second expansion pack to adventurers who own a copy of Uru. No word yet on the specifics in this add-on, but according to the announcement it is slated for release on June 23 and will be the third chapter in the story of Uru and its fictional world of D'ni, and will include maps previously reserved for Uru's multiplayer project, Uru Live, which was cancelled in part due to lack of player subscription.

Also to be released for retail is Myst Uru: Complete Chronicles, all three chapters of Uru - Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, To D'ni, and The Path of the Shell - bound in one pack.

The To D'ni expansion pack (173 MB) can be downloaded through Ubisoft's FTP server (direct link), Gigex, 3D Gamers, and Worthplaying.

For more information on Uru: Ages Beyond Myst read our review of the game.

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