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October 2003



Just Adventure + has posted a new video clip from Revolution's upcoming 3D adventure, Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon, due for release this November.



A little bit of digging on the website of the magazine Computer Games has revealed that none other than Larry Laffer will be on the cover of the December 2003 issue, with a preview of the apparently-confirmed new adventure game, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. The article is not accessible yet, but the teaser makes a reference to similarities to Grand Theft Auto. We have already learned that Al Lowe has nothing to do with this new game.

The December 2003 issue of Computer Games will go on sale November 11th. We will be sure to report more on this as we learn more. At this point, we at Adventure Gamers are simply pleasantly surprised that a classic Sierra license has been revived. Now, our hope is that it is treated well, and we will remain optimistic as to that fact until we have substantial reason to believe otherwise.

Update #2, 10/21: Adam Kahn, PR guy for VU Games, has popped into the message board with some cryptic words. Although he will not confirm or deny anything at this point, he does make definite reference to the fact that the company is "not interested in creating adventure games that I think most old-school, hardcore, adventure game fans think they want." However, he promises "no less than a revolution" and asks that fans of adventures and Leisure Suit Larry all keep an open mind, which we certainly intend to do.

Update, 10/21: Al Lowe has spoken! The patriarch of one of adventure gaming's greatest legacies has spilled everything he knows about the new Leisure Suit Larry game...which isn't much. He does say that the game has been secretly in development for more than a year, and confirms he's had nothing to do with it, but still volunteers his services. Read his comments at his website.

Update, 10/20: We made a quick call to VU Games (Sierra's parent company), who predictably declined to comment on the game, as it has not been officially announced. Meanwhile, the above link with the article's teaser blurb has been removed from the site. It was believed that the LSL cover image was removed as well; however, it has only been renamed.



MyGamer has reviewed the FMV adventure Conspiracies, giving it a score of 66%. Check it out here.



The Adventure Company, the US publisher of Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, has released four new clips of in-game footage. You can get them at Worthplaying.

Two of the videos are from the airplane scene that we've often seen in Broken Sword 3's previous promotional material. The other two are situated in the jungle and in a cave, and show off some puzzle gameplay and cinematics. One interesting detail revealed by the videos is that George will sometimes assume a third person narrative voice, thereby providing additional character exposé.



Revolution Software presented a near-completed Broken Sword 3 at the Sightsonic 2003 festival in York yesterday. Adventure Gamers community resident Theneb was there and brings us news that the game is being released on November 15, and will be advertised in German and French cinemas. Although cinema ads have often been suggested as a tool for marketing adventure games, it's rarely (if ever) been done.

Theneb has also posted some (blurry) photos of Revolution's presentation on his website Sharpened Sword.



The Adventure Company announced today the shipping of The Black Mirror to North American stores.

This third-person adventure unfolds across six chapters and features more than 100 different locations (these include a medieval underground temple, a mental hospital and a cemetery). The Black Mirror also features a dark orchestral soundtrack that follows the mood and action of the game. The game is expected to offer more than 30 hours of gameplay.

For more information, check out our preview of the game. We will also bring a review of the game soon.



Adventurecorner posted today the first video preview of The Moment of Silence. The video, which is entirely in German, shows the upcoming adventure currently in the works over at House of Tales, and is taken at a presentation at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig.

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