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Broken Age review

Double Fine's long-awaited two-part adventure is now complete, forming a truly memorable whole.

OUYA PS Vita PS4 PC Mac Linux iPad Android Apr 27, 2015

Following Freeware - March 2015 releases

We've doggedly sniffed out another great month of top free indies, and our latest round-up paints the picture.

PC Mac Linux Freeware Apr 24, 2015

Puzzling (Mis)adventures Volume 13: Never Alone, Last Inua

Puzzles aren't dead; they're just hibernating in the north, like in these enlightening Inuit platforming adventures.

PC Mac iPhone iPad Apr 21, 2015

Fire review

Daedalic's lite puzzler crackles with creative charm, but burns through its limited premise all too quickly.

PC Mac iPad Apr 17, 2015

Game of Thrones

The drama heats up as the series reaches the halfway point, but the illusion of choice is becoming increasingly exposed.

Xbox One PS4 PC Mac iPhone iPad Android PS3 Xbox 360 Apr 15, 2015

Corto Maltese: Secrets of Venice review

Hugo Pratt's comic antihero comes to life in a puzzlingly casual adventure experience.

PC Mac iPhone iPad Android Casual Apr 13, 2015

Life is Strange

The paranormal teen drama's second episode bottlenecks somewhat with more filler than story and character progression.

Xbox One PS4 PC PS3 Xbox 360 Apr 10, 2015


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Detective Ross: Episode 1 - A PI in Paris

PC Mac
Apr 24, 2015

Quasar Deluxe Edition

Apr 21, 2015


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King’s Quest (2015)

A re-imagined update of Sierra's venerable classic series.



A spiritual claymation successor to The Neverhood.


Silence: The Whispered World 2

Daedalic returns to the fantasy world introduced in 2010.


Thimbleweed Park

An all-new old-school adventure by the creators of Maniac Mansion.



A new adventure from the creators of Myst.


The Devil’s Men

A 19th century steampunk adventure from Daedalic Entertainment.


Samorost 3

Amanita Design's influential classic series continues.


Syberia III

A new Kate Walker adventure by Benoît Sokal and Microïds.



A haunting new horror from the creator of Scratches.



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What's New?
24 Apr
Detective Ross: A PI in Paris reopens earlier case

Episodic FMV mystery series Mark T. Ross revamped and re-released under new name.

22 Apr
Kickstarter embarked for Herald

Playable PC demo available for two-part interactive period drama.

20 Apr
Rituals gets official name change, new trailer, release date

Adventure formerly known as The Official due out May 27th for PC and Mac.


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April 16 2015 Digital

The Paris Dossier

Platform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch

April 16 2015 Digital
April 16 2015 Digital

House of Caravan

Platform(s): Mac, PC

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