The Descendant

With its penultimate episode, the post-apocalyptic series is at last coming to a head as the slow burn grows to a raging inferno.

PCMac Dec 9, 2016

AdventureX 2016 round-up: Part 2

We're not out of AdventureX coverage yet, as our final round-up heralds another dozen upcoming titles on display in London.

All Dec 7, 2016

AdventureX 2016 round-up: Part 1

The sixth annual "narrative games" convention proved to be a royal good time, with over two dozen adventures on display.

All Dec 5, 2016

Barrow Hill: The Dark Path review

The unexpected horror sequel treads a very familiar course, but leads once again to some largely effective atmosphere and gameplay.

PC Dec 2, 2016

Zero Time Dilemma review

The Zero Escape finale offers more of the same enjoyable visual novel adventuring but includes some perplexing design decisions for the worse.

PS Vita3DS Nov 30, 2016

Following Freeware - October 2016 releases

This month's round-up is just the ticket for those looking the latest top free indie adventures.

PCMacLinuxFreeware Nov 28, 2016

Adventures in Storytelling: Fragments of Him, Virginia

These stylistically different him-and-her games are both emotionally powerful but broken down by largely non-interactive storytelling.

Xbox OnePS4PCMac Nov 25, 2016


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Unknown Fate teaser #2

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Dec 9, 2016

The Descendant: Episode 5 - Ultimatum

PC Mac
Dec 8, 2016


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Thimbleweed Park

An all-new old-school adventure by the creators of Maniac Mansion.


Beautiful Desolation

A new adventure from the creators of STASIS.


Syberia 3

A new Kate Walker adventure by Benoît Sokal and Microïds.


State of Mind


Detroit: Become Human

A new game from the developers of Heavy Rain.



A dark urban fantasy by Dave Gilbert, creator of the Blackwell series.



A haunting new horror from the creator of Scratches.


The Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett’s)

A Daedalic adventure based on Ken Follett's Kingsbridge novel of the same name.


Blackwood Crossing


The Sexy Brutale

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Latest Adventure News
9 Dec
Second crack at OneShot possible now on Steam

RPG-styled former freeware puzzler revamped and re-released commercially for Windows, Mac and Linux.

9 Dec
Unknown Fate gets a little clearer in new trailer

Surreal 3D adventure coming to consoles and PC with VR support next summer.

8 Dec
End of the line for The Descendant with Episode 5 release

Series finale, Ultimatum, now available through season pass purchase on Steam.

8 Dec
Take note of Memoranda’s new trailer, release date

Surreal adventure with "magical realist" elements coming to PC on January 25th.

7 Dec
Her Majesty’s SPIFFING launches on PC and Xbox One

Comic sci-fi adventure available now for download; PS4 release coming December 13th.

7 Dec
Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure gets smaller platform

Comic indie adventure gets Vita port optimized for Sony's handheld device.


Recent New Releases
December 8 2016 Digital


Platform(s): Mac, PC, Linux

December 7 2016 Digital

Her Majesty’s SPIFFING

Platform(s): Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux

December 1 2016 Digital

Ahnayro: The Dream World

Platform(s): Mac, PC

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