Lost Chronicles of Zerzura

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Rating by Niclas posted on Dec 9, 2012

A good old adventure

I really enjoyed Zerzura. I am a big sucker for adventures that are about finding a lost city or civilisation. The story is pretty interesting, but never gets really epic. What is interesting about the game is the locations you visit and characters in the game. The voice acting is also pretty good. The puzzles are also OK, but I actually liked the puzzles and story more in Black Mirror 2 and 3. The only big downside is that the game gets quiet slow somewhere in the middle, but it picks up again towards the end. It is a shame that this was Cranberry Production’s last game. My personal opinion is that their games are more mature with better inventory puzzles than other German studios like Daedalic. Final note,this is definitely a game to recommend for all Adventure Gamers out there.

Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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