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I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

Developer Release Year Platforms
The Dreamer’s Guild 1995 N/A

Five damned souls: buried deep within the center of the earth, trapped in the bowels of an insane computer for the past hundred and nine years. Gorrister the suicidal loner. Benny the mutilated brute. Ellen the hysterical phobic. Nimdak the secretive sadist. Ted the cynical paranoid. Plunge into the tortured and hidden past of the five humans. Delve into their darkest fears. Outwit the master computer AM in a game of psychological warfare.


I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream review

4.0 stars: "A game of very high quality. Although some aspects might have been executed better, we would recommend this game without hesitation."


Game Information
Platform -
Perspective -
Control -
Gameplay -
Genre -
Theme -
Graphic Style -
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Action (Compulsory) -
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Big Fish Games
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Product Details

System Requirements
MS-DOS 4.0+
486 processor
2x CD-ROM drive
Sound Blaster and compatibles


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