Rise of the Hidden Sun

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With nothing to his name but his wits, his six-shooter, and a tattered old treasure map, 'Rattlesnake' Jake Dawson must try to win the greatest treasure hunt the Wild West has ever seen—because the very fate of Western Civilization is at stake, and Jake isn't the only one on the hunt... Who is the deadly outlaw Mary Jane Clayton, and why has she devoted her life to finding a legendary lost city of gold? What is the mythical Hidden Sun, and why will a murderous secret brotherhood stop at nothing to get it? And perhaps most importantly of all, is Jake willing to sacrifice everything to stop them from succeeding?


Adventure Architect: Rise of the Hidden Sun cinematic prologue

Dawn breaks on 'Rattlesnake' Jake Dawson's adventure with this exclusive premiere of the animated prologue.

PCFreeware Jul 22, 2009

Adventure Architect: Rise of the Hidden Sun (coda)

It's always darkest before the dawn, but Josh returns with a final assurance that his game will one day see the light of day.

PCFreeware Jul 28, 2008

Adventure Architect: Part Thirteen

Josh Roberts returns with a new installment of his Underground game design journal.

PCFreeware Jun 28, 2005

Adventure Architect: Part Twelve

At long last, the origin of 'Rattlesnake' Jake Dawson!

PCFreeware Feb 6, 2005

Adventure Architect: Part Eleven

This month, Josh describes his foray into the world of project management.

PCFreeware Sep 25, 2004

Adventure Architect: Part Ten

Josh announces two new developments in the production of Rise of the Hidden Sun.

PCFreeware Aug 11, 2004

Adventure Architect: Part Nine

With production on Rise of the Hidden Sun fully underway, Josh uncovers a design flaw that could threaten the entire project!

PCFreeware Apr 12, 2004

Adventure Architect: Part Eight

Josh returns with the latest installment of his amateur game design journal. This month's topic: The art of puzzle design!

PCFreeware Jan 5, 2004

Adventure Architect: Part Seven

The highly anticipated new edition of Josh Roberts' journey through amateur adventure design!

PCFreeware Aug 26, 2003

Adventure Architect: Part Six

Contributors Wanted—Dead or Alive!

PCFreeware Mar 25, 2003

Adventure Architect: Part Five

This month: Josh talks about forming a design team, and storyboarding the game.

PCFreeware Jan 31, 2003

Adventure Architect: Part Four

Pre-production ideas—characters, locations, and puzzles.

PCFreeware Jan 5, 2003

Adventure Architect: Part Three

Giving the game a beginning, middle, and end.

PCFreeware Nov 22, 2002

Adventure Architect: Part Two

Choosing an adventure game setting.

PCFreeware Oct 17, 2002

Adventure Architect: Part One

Josh Roberts is setting out to create his own graphic adventure. Read the first installment of his new ongoing design journal!

PCFreeware Aug 21, 2002


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Game Information
Platform PC
Perspective Third-Person
Control Point-and-click
Gameplay Quest
Genre Comedy
Theme Western
Graphic Style Stylized art
Presentation -
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags -
Media -



Rise of the Hidden Sun

Jul 22, 2009


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