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STYGIAN: Reign of the Old Ones, A Roleplaying Game of Horror, Loss & Madness


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Welcome to the Fathomless Depths of Stygian’s Inventory System!

Greetings Fellow Collectors of Eldritch Artifacts!

In this update we’d like to share Stygian’s inventory system.

Let’s start with a video showcasing the system, and then talk more about its features and our design approach.


Stygian’s inventory consists of the following sections:

Paper Doll - shows all the items the player currently has equipped, including weapons, outfits, artifacts, a backpack and things of that sort. We are pretty sensitive about customization and aim to display the player’s choices with as many visual representations as possible. We’re also designing unique models for special items such as rare weapons and gadgets. We are keenly aware of the fact that we RPG players love to play with our dolls, preferably voodoo dolls…

Equip your character, in style…

Statistics - shows almost all of the secondary statistics which affect combat and exploration. Potential effects of the items will be displayed as a tool-tip in the form of colored numeric modifiers.

We haven’t forgotten you Min-Max scholars

Party inventory - shows all items in the party’s possession. Stygian uses a shared inventory system so you won’t need to spend time shifting carried items from one character to another. Less item management, more black magic, count us in!

Did we tell you that we’re also fans of adventure games?

Item category tabs - grant easy access to all the items you’ll need to prolong your hopeless struggle against the shapeless horrors of the abyss. Tabs are divided into the following categories: Weapons and ammo, outfits, consumables, tools and gadgets, artifacts, books and tomes, quest-related items, miscellaneous, and of course the favorites tab, which can be customized by the player.

Quick items - allows you to set certain items to be instantly available during combat and exploration. Don’t forget to add your favorite smokes to one of the quick item slots. Cigarettes are essential for reducing stress but remember not to smoke them all because the Cigs have become Arkham’s rising currency!

As you can see, we tried to build upon the inventory features typical of western role playing games while balancing convenience and thematic flavor. We also chose to use larger icons for our items in order to include more detail, increase immersion, and show off the efforts of our talented artists.

Finally, for the closure of this unholy update, Cultic Games present you the talented leather artisan, Master Sebo, working on our Special Edition Game Tomes! These hand made books of madness will bring doom to your neighborhood when the game is out.

No human skin was used in production of our special edition tomes

So please share your opinions with us fellow cultists and seekers of the forbidden knowledge. Are we walking the path of desolation gracefully?

Until we meet again, sailing through the tides of the black unknown…

Team Cultic


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