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Your most anticipated game sequals and remakes?(which may never get release)


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even though it was buggy and had some serious issues I really liked advent rising and wish it was finished.


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I hope they get around to finishing up Toonstruck 2. There was apparently enough material left over from the original production to be able to put together an entire sequel, and progress has been made, but the thing is still tied up in copyright hell at the moment.


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Crackdown 3

The delayed third release in the open-world shooter franchise Crackdown, which comes after a disappointing second installment in 2010. (Each of the three games comes from a different developer.) Expect a single-player campaign as well as online multiplayer, with the latter taking place in a separate, fully destructible city. Note that the one-time Xbox One exclusive is now headed to PC as well.

When: Late 2017

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