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Comment on Following Freeware: July 2014 releases article:
millenia millenia
Aug 31, 2014

Most of these look really interesting. I might try to squeeze the best of the bunch to my time table. And then afterwards go through the earlier months too. Thanks for the reviews.

Comment on To the Moon article:
Ninjabynight Ninjabynight
Aug 30, 2014

This was my absolute favorite game of 2011!

Comment on Gods Will Be Watching article:
Aug 29, 2014

After reading a lot of reviews I decided to just watch a playthrough on youtube and i’ve got to the say, that was exhausting in itself watching it! Never have I been more frustrated watching somebody play a game. The game is insanely difficult! Even after putting much thought into each action the player made, he failed time a time again, even on the early stages of the game. The story is actually very interesting and the characters find themselves in very nerve wracking situations, but it’s almost punishing to play through. I understand that the people who created the game WANTED the player to feel scared and unsure of each action they made. Whats most frustrating about it is you can play the whole of one level only to fall at the last hurdle and fail and then have to replay the whole section again which sometimes takes up to 40 minutes - an hour. I’m not sure if there is a way to change the difficulty or even have checkpoints/save games, because that would make the game a lot easier.

Comment on Gabriel Knight: 20th Anniversary Edition - Gamescom 2014 trailer video:
Aug 29, 2014

This trailer is growing on me and I like it more and more with every view.
This new release may actually become something really great.
My only concern is and remains the potential use of lo-fi animation in cutscene’s.
If Jane needs a few more months to spice them up and I’d really prefer she does that iso releasing the whole thing as is.

Comment on Olga Ryzhko - Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments article:
Aug 29, 2014

Great Interview !
Congratulations Olga ! Smile

Comment on Adventure Hour: Stranded, The Moon Sliver article:
rsommerer rsommerer
Aug 27, 2014

One should never forget that games like Stranded are missing an entire part relevant to most games - the actions taken to reach a goal. If you know that, and are fine with it, then this will be a good experience. Also, from my point of view, it is a good field of experimentation for the things to come in the future of computer-based gaming.

Comment on Gods Will Be Watching article:
rsommerer rsommerer
Aug 27, 2014

Thank you for this insightful review/feature on that game. Looking at the screenshots alone let me think of this as a desirable piece of programming. But after reading the facts, it´s clear that I will just stick to the Superbrothers App. Which itself is a fine game, and probably (at least in my opinion) currently leads the pack of retro-styled computer games.

What I do not understand is this, and it has been bothering me for some time: The things you described (no insights on variables used, etc.) have happened from the early days of computer based gaming. Looking back at those times it´s kind of ok because people were still learning, and well, also still in their puberty if you look at the notorious examples.

In recent times gaming has changed so dramatically that these things should not be a part of it anymore. Why use to your (the programmers´) benefit the fact that a programmer quite naturally has an “advantage” over the user when it comes to knowing what has been based under the hood?

Games should at least be enjoyable and not everlasting pain, maybe even help you in critical situations, and be able to transport their underlying ideas in a much more subtle way. That would be a positive attempt to communicate with the consumer, rather than shoveling hostility to the only people that pay attention to your output.

Comment on Valiant Hearts: The Great War article:
Nor Treblig
Aug 26, 2014

This sounds interesting but it seems like there is no DRM-free version of this game. I only want to play games, not Uplay them :-(

Comment on Norse Noir: Loki's Exile seeking refuge on Kickstarter news:
Brad L. McAtee Brad L. McAtee
Aug 24, 2014

Thank you guys for the great coverage! I’m the writer and designer on Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile, and articles like this are really appreciated for getting the word out about our campaign. We hope everyone likes what they’ve seen so far - Fingers crossed for the Kickstarter being a success so we can bring everyone the finished game!

Comment on The Samaritan Paradox article:
robert foster
Aug 23, 2014

After playing the download version I noticed there was also a hard copy available at Screen 7 (for those who are also interested).

Comment on Valiant Hearts: The Great War article:
Aug 23, 2014

Great review. One of the best games of this year. As the reviewer, I learned more about WW1 than any book could tell me, and it’s a strong story with great characters (and a dog) that makes you think and feel deep. Must be play by everybody. I give it a 4.5/5 star.

Comment on Valiant Hearts: The Great War article:
Gabe Gabe
Aug 23, 2014

Nice edutainment.

Comment on Valiant Hearts: The Great War article:
Sefir Sefir
Aug 22, 2014

Excellent review.
Easily one of the best games I played this year. It balances great between comedy and tragedy, all these within great graphics, music and riddles and gameplay in general. The characters were all great, even the dog!!
A game of the highest quality that not only entertains, but educates as well, with tons of historical info about WW1.

Highly reccomended. 4/5 is a fair score.

Comment on Valiant Hearts: The Great War article:
Aug 22, 2014

Great review, between the emotional attachment to the characters and the rich historical info presented here it’s a must play

I’d give it an easy 4 out of 5 as well

Comment on Quest for Infamy article:
Advie Advie
Aug 22, 2014

Great review AGers, for a game that was developed by/under one element; dreaming.

however its might be lacking great animations, better voice acting, fine polishing ..etc, it still shines out as a ‘modern-retro’ full game thats not highly standard developed for today must-be-standards, but it had surpassed the common indie freeware output, greatly, with honor and success.

A game that if was released 15-20 years ago would have had been considered one of the elites of the genre.

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