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Comment on Catmouth Island: Episode 1 article:
Aug 21, 2014

This looks like a game from the playstation 2.
Very outdated.

Comment on Gabriel Knight: 20th Anniversary Edition - Gamescom 2014 trailer video:
DrFrankenstein DrFrankenstein
Aug 19, 2014

Not bad. Hard to tell if the model animation is all right or not from this alone. Better than Moebius for sure, but I can see some awkward sluggishness in places. We shall see.

Good point about Gabriel’s bodybuilder physique. Could as well remake Grace into buxom asian bombshel babe while we are at it, no? LOL

Comment on Quest for Infamy article:
Blackthorne Blackthorne
Aug 18, 2014

Thank you very much for the review! I’m glad that you enjoyed much of the game, and things you didn’t enjoy we can always hope to improve in the future!

Thanks for taking the time to play the game, and to write about it.


Comment on Quest for Infamy article:
OrionO OrionO
Aug 18, 2014

Three stars seems a little generous (I would have given 2 or 2.5), but this is a fair review. The disappointing voice acting, writing, etc. made the game feel like an amateur endeavor. It has another “sarcastic narrator” misfire that just doesn’t work. Don’t recommend the game. However, the backgrounds are lovely.

Comment on Top 100 All-Time Adventure Games article:
Aug 18, 2014

Hi, I just signed in, as an Adventure games lover,  I want to thank you for all your effort to make and bring this useful & very good list to us, there are some I never played yet.
Jackal, I loved your avatar, it’s really cute.

Comment on A Mind Forever Voyaging article:
Kazmajik Kazmajik
Aug 16, 2014

That looks like Timothy Hutton from The Falcon and The Snowman. I remember when this came out and I’m sad I never got around to playing it.

Comment on Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments release date trailer video:
beebee beebee
Aug 16, 2014

Oh, yeah! Can’t wait to get this. Smile

Comment on Sea of Giants article:
stepurhan stepurhan
Aug 16, 2014

If you mean full-screen, you have achieved something messages, then no, this game doesn’t have any. You do get a sort of fanfare noise every time you achieve something though if that would annoy you. It does not promote brands or other games though.

It may well be possible to invent things to explain puzzle logic. If I have to completely make up justifications that the developers didn’t actually put in the game, that is not good design in my view.

Comment on A Mind Forever Voyaging article:
Aug 16, 2014

Since I’m not American, any connections between the game and real-world politics were completely lost on me. I still found it to be very fascinating. I remember spending quite some time just looking at the news feed (it changes from day to day) and exploring the city to see what had changed between the simulations. It could be partly nostalgia, but despite some flaws I think it’s one of the most memorable adventure games I’ve ever played.

And while I’m probably being unfair in comparing them, I do find it remarkable that a game of this scope was released the same year as King’s Quest II. I know there are plenty of people who love the old Sierra games, but I do think most will agree that as a story that one was fairly unremarkable.

Comment on A Mind Forever Voyaging article:
Gabe Gabe
Aug 16, 2014

What’s with the young Gabriel Byrne on cover?

Comment on A Mind Forever Voyaging article:
Jim Purcell Jim Purcell
Aug 16, 2014

Staring Bruce Campbell?

Comment on A Mind Forever Voyaging article:
Zifnab Zifnab
Aug 15, 2014

To be fair, the lack of subtlety is why this isn’t really a political game. I don’t believe anyone in their right mind would support Senator Ryder’s authoritarian policies, regardless of their politics. Was 1984 political? No, it simply wanted to point out the inherent flaws of certain modes of governing. I’d rather compare it to Asimov’s “The Gods Themselves”, and other sci-fi stories where someone discovers things which make the decisions of those in authority glaringly stupid in hindsight. In AMFV’s case, it’s going to the future and seeing the results yourself. True, the worlds of 1984 and AMFV could just as easily be utopias, but a story about a successful utopia isn’t a very exciting story.

As a game this was a landmark. The goal wasn’t to kill the bad guy or get the treasure but observe and draw your own conclusions. It is of the same pedigree as recent adventure games we have seen trying to elevate the traditional goal-based narrative to something more engaging for the intelligence.

Comment on Sierra is back, with new King's Quest first up news:
aeonfluxx75 aeonfluxx75
Aug 15, 2014

Have been quietly waiting for many years for this to come about

Comment on A Mind Forever Voyaging article:
Aug 15, 2014

Left wing like most political games..Not for me!!!!

Comment on Why 'Gone Home' Is a Game article:
Aug 14, 2014

I’m sorry, but things like “interactivity”, “playfulness”, and “different people having a different experience” are not the elements usually cited as the defining features of a game. Instead, you’re looking for things like rules, limitations/obstacles, feedback, and a defined goal. And while you could probably twist various elements of Gone Home into those shapes (“The goal is exploration!”), it just doesn’t fit.

We call Gone Home a video game because there isn’t a set alternative genre for it. It’s a virtual experience, a visual novel, a ‘walking simulator’—whatever. It’s not a game, though it certainly pays homage to traditional adventure game elements. And that isn’t some kind of moral judgement. The fact that it isn’t a game does not somehow make it inferior. I found it to be interesting and engaging, if flawed.

We should be excited about all the different kinds of experiences possible thanks to interactive digital media. Trying to pigeonhole each and every one of them as a ‘video game’ is doing them a disservice.

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