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2008 Aggie Awards

Best Graphic Design: A Vampyre Story



The production of A Vampyre Story, possibly the most high-profile adventure release of 2008, was led by LucasArts veteran Bill Tiller, best known for his art direction on Curse of Monkey Island. With that level of quality on his resume, there was a great deal of anticipation surrounding his debut adventure with Autumn Moon--anticipation that slowly grew to apprehension as the development life of A Vampyre Story stretched past six years. Through good times and bad, the one thing that never failed to offer encouragement while we waited was the jaw-dropping concept art and early screenshots of stylish Draxsylvania, and the finished product is better still.

A Vampyre Story is simply a gorgeous game, with beautifully creative character design, distinctively colourful and detailed backgrounds, and a delightful commitment to its consistent visual theme. All the stops were pulled out to make this the best looking adventure game on the market. To our welcome relief, AVS as a game also proved to be good--but as pure eye candy, it is the unquestionably the best of 2008.

Runners-Up: The Lost Crown: A Ghost-hunting adventure, Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals


Readers’ Choice: A Vampyre Story

Everyone knows there's much more to a game than great graphics... but that doesn't stop us from drooling over the lookers! And in that regard, it seems we agree that Autumn Moon's Disney-meets-Burton-esque A Vampyre Story is the standout visual gem of the year, despite a valiant effort by the stylishly atmospheric The Lost Crown and the sci-fi stunner The Immortals of Terra.

Next up: Best Animation... the envelope, please.

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