Aggie Awards

2008 Aggie Awards

Best Writing – Comedy: Sam & Max: Season Two



Sam & Max have been a popular comic double act stretching back to the days of Hit the Road, but it was arguably in Season Two of the new episodic installments that they really hit their peak. Although other adventures made us laugh, it was the latest collection of Sam & Max's crazy escapades that made us laugh the hardest, loudest, and longest, possibly annoying our neighbours. So many comedies come from the "throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks" school of writing, but the wisecracks consistently hit the mark here, from the many send-ups of pop culture phenomena to the irrepressible zeal for lawless mayhem (itself an irony for the self-proclaimed "Freelance Police") to the biting repartee of the lead characters themselves.

Better yet, the gags aren't limited to Sam & Max alone. If possible, the new season introduces an even zanier supporting cast than the one previous, and each new character brings something humourous to the table. New additions include raving zombies with a taste for brains, a nipple-ringed camp vamp named Jurgen, disgruntled stone Moai heads, and Satan himself as an overworked office manager. Even the exploration of older, more familiar themes such as Abe and Sybil's developing relationship, Bosco's paranoia and the irritating Soda Poppers is dealt with in an amusing way that keeps the jokes coming and the series fresh. Combined with a script crammed full of sharp wit, you'd be hard pushed to find funnier games in any year. Who could ever forget the duo’s time traveling antics and the hilarious way in which Sam & Max alter Bosco's appearance? A crooning robot with a taste for love songs? Or a “big bang theory” truly worthy of the Freelance Police? Not us, that's for sure.

Runners-Up: So Blonde, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People


Readers’ Choice: Sam & Max: Season Two


He who laughs last... laughs at the same things as he who laughed first, apparently. In fairly convincing fashion, the reader choice of the second season of Sam & Max's "interactive sitcom" agreed with the staff selection by copping the popular vote for best yuks, leaving notable runner-up hopefuls A Vampyre Story and So Blonde smiling on the outside, but crying on the inside.

Next up: Best Writing – Drama ... the envelope, please.

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