Aggie Awards

2008 Aggie Awards

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Page 1: The legend of "The Aggie"

Page 2: You are here

Page 3: Best Story

Page 4: Best Writing - Comedy

Page 5: Best Writing - Drama

Page 6: Best Gameplay

Page 7: Best Concept

Page 8: Best Setting

Page 9: Best Graphic Design

Page 10: Best Animation

Page 11: Best Music

Page 12: Best Voice Acting

Page 13: Best Sound Effects

Page 14: Best Underground Adventure

Page 15: Best Independent Adventure (commercial)

Page 16: Best Console/Handheld Adventure

Page 17: Best First-Person PC Adventure

Page 18: Best Third-Person PC Adventure

Page 19: Best Adventure of 2008

Page 20: Final notes


First up: Best Story... the envelope, please.

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