Aggie Awards

2008 Aggie Awards

Best Third-Person PC Adventure: Sam & Max: Season Two



With four Aggies to its credit already, it won't come as a great surprise that Sam & Max: Season Two scoops the award for best third-person PC adventure. While Season One took a couple of episodes to really find its stride, the new series hit the ground running right from the outset. And as well as it started, each subsequent episode still seemed to improve on the last, delivering a tightly woven package of laugh-out-loud comedy, diverse and often clever puzzles, great settings, and new and interesting characters. With Episode 204: Chariots of the Dogs receiving a rare five-star review at Adventure Gamers (merely the fourth game in the site’s history to earn such accolades), it is clear that Telltale Games has set a new standard of quality for comic adventures in the modern era.

Runners-Up: Overclocked: A History of Violence, So Blonde


Readers’ Choice: Sam & Max: Season Two

Can you still call it "third-person" when the two lead characters are animals? Apparently we all can, as Season Two for the dog and rabbit crimefighting duo earned the top distinction among readers as well. But not without quite a fight, and though we suspect that's how Sam & Max prefer it, Overclocked, A Vampyre Story, and The Lost Crown, in a virtual three-way deadlock, were left licking their runner-up wounds.

And now for the final award from 2008: the one, the only Best Adventure of the year... the envelope, please!

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