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2008 Aggie Awards

Best Voice Acting: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People



A look at the lengthy cast list of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People reveals a wide variety of offbeat cartoon characters, from the unshakeably depressed Strong Sad to the incomprehensible Homsar to the toothy local proprietor Bubs, with many more in between. A look down the list beside those characters reveals, with a single exception, just one name: Matt Chapman. Yes, the co-creator of reprises all his vocal roles from the popular web cartoon in the five-episode season of Strong Bad, with a lone contribution from Missy Palmer as the series’ primary female.

It’s rare enough for a single person to successfully pull off such an extensive vocal range, but the really remarkable thing about Chapman’s delivery is that for the most part you’d never guess it was the same person behind them all. Whether lisping as the dimwitted Homestar or mumbling unintelligibly as the animal-thingie The Cheat, the roles are completely different and sound nothing alike. For all his skill portraying the ensemble cast, however, Chapman saves his best performance for the cantankerous titular protagonist, Strong Bad himself. He’s arrogant and insulting, he’s crass and often dense… and you’ll want to listen to him all day long. Through his raspy-throated expression of disdain for everyone and everything shines a sort-of-innocence and ironically likeable core that allows you to root for him through troubles thick and thin, usually of his own making. Chapman even does other voices as Strong Bad, acting in still more personas. It’s endless! And endlessly creative, fun, and a delight to listen to, giving this largely-one-man performance the voice acting nod over all other adventures.

Runners-Up: Sam & Max: Season Two, So Blonde


Readers’ Choice: Sam & Max: Season Two

Remember the early days of Sam & Max episodes, when people complained because the original Hit the Road actors weren't involved? Apparently not anymore, because the Freelance Police trounced the competition for vocal performances in Season Two (along with the rest of a stellar cast), though Strong Bad and Overclocked tried to have something to say about it.

Next up: Best Sound Design... the envelope, please.

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