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Simon the Sorcerer 2 review

Flashback Friday: Adventure gaming's favorite teen sorcerer returns with this excellent sequel.

PC Sep 17, 2004

7 Days a Skeptic review

The legendary Yahtzee returns with a follow-up to one of his most popular amateur adventures.

PC Freeware Sep 16, 2004

Finding the Way Home

For those of us who wanted to work at Sierra On-Line when we were kids, Emily takes some time to live in the past.

Sep 12, 2004

Tex Murphy: Overseer review

Flashback Friday: A look back at what became the final Tex Murphy adventure.

PC Sep 10, 2004

E3 2004 in Pictures

Hey, look what we found--our E3 camera! Share our memories in photograph form.

Sep 6, 2004

Peasant’s Quest interview

The team behind this year's hottest "graphical text adventure" answers the big questions.

PC Freeware Sep 2, 2004

Macintosh adventures

A look at some old-school adventures you may have never heard of--from the world of Macintosh.

Aug 31, 2004

Sherlock Holmes: Silver Earring review

Now that we've spent the week featuring it, how good is the newest Sherlock Holmes adventure?

PC Aug 27, 2004

A History of Holmes

A retrospective of Sherlock Sherlock adventures, going from 1985's Another Bow all the way to 2004's The Case of the Silver Earring.

PC Aug 24, 2004

Cirque De Zale review

This suprisingly wonderful underground game is LucasArts-esque, both in style and quality.

PC Freeware Aug 19, 2004

Bad Mojo review

Jack tells us how a game based on life as a roach manages to crawl to greatness.

PC Mac Aug 17, 2004

Fahrenheit trailer premiere archived preview

Exclusive: Adventure Gamers is proud to host the world premiere of this amazing new trailer!

PC Aug 11, 2004

Adventure Architect: Part Ten

Josh announces two new developments in the production of Rise of the Hidden Sun.

PC Freeware Aug 11, 2004

Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch review

Read why our resident Nancy Drew expert finds the newest episode to be a slight disappointment.

PC Aug 9, 2004

Simon the Sorcerer review

Flashback Friday: Our newest writer takes a new look at an old adventure hero.

PC Aug 5, 2004

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