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Syberia II review

Kate Walker returns in this gorgeous sequel that no fan of the original will want to be without.

PC 3 | Mar 30, 2004

The X-Files Game review

Flashback Friday: The Truth is out there...and the truth is, this is one of the more successful PC television adaptations.

PC 2 | Mar 20, 2004

Leisure Suit Larry 2 review

Flashback Friday: Our review of Larry Laffer's history continues with a journey to the tropical Nontoonyt Island!

1 | Mar 12, 2004

A Quiet Weekend in Capri review

An extremely successful "virtual tourism" game is not quite as successful as a coherent adventure.

PC 0 | Mar 9, 2004

Sam & Max Hit the Road review

Flashback Friday: We have lost what may have been; let us remember what once was.

PC Mac 2 | Mar 5, 2004

Sam & Max R.I.P.: My Reaction feature

It is the saddest cancellation Evan can remember. Here's what he's going to do about it.

PC 0 | Mar 3, 2004

Martin Ganteföhr interview

The director of The Moment of Silence gives us some inside information. Exclusive screenshots inside!

PC 0 | Mar 1, 2004

Santa Fe Mysteries: Elk Moon Murder review

Flashback Friday: A look back at an obscure, Native American-themed FMV detective mystery!

PC Mac 0 | Feb 27, 2004

Underground Awards feature

Congratulations to the winners of the 2003 Adventure Gamers Underground Awards!

PC Freeware 0 | Feb 26, 2004

Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel review

The eighth Nancy Drew adventure is short and simple, but still a fun little gaming diversion.

PC 0 | Feb 23, 2004

Jack the Ripper review

A fairly interesting murder mystery, wrapped in an altogether unpleasant game. Read all about it.

PC 0 | Feb 18, 2004

AGON: The Lapland Episode review

The second episode is a slight step backwards, but still shows promise for the future.

PC Mac 0 | Feb 16, 2004

Obsidian review

Flashback Friday: This sci-fi adventure may not be the must-play some would call it, but it is still an enjoyable old game.

PC 2 | Feb 13, 2004

Fahrenheit archived preview

Highly ambitious, innovative and perhaps even genre-busting -- but unknown to many.

PC 0 | Feb 10, 2004

Midnight Nowhere review

Find out if the creators of Jazz & Faust have upped the ante with this edgy, atmospheric thriller.

PC 0 | Feb 8, 2004

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