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Genevieve Lord - Myst IV interview

The producer of Myst IV shares her thoughts on the newest chapter in the best-selling series.

PC Mac Oct 16, 2004

Atlantis Evolution characters archived preview

Atlantis Evolution ships today--and we have an exclusive profile of the main characters.

PC Oct 15, 2004

Alex Louie interview

The lead designer of Bad Mojo talks about his soon-to-be-rereleased game and much more in this exclusive interview.

PC Mac Oct 13, 2004

Nibiru archived preview

Here's a first look at this great-looking adventure from the creators of The Black Mirror.

Oct 11, 2004

Blackstone Chronicles review

Flashback Friday: Jack takes us to 1998 and this disturbing and gripping adventure.

PC Oct 8, 2004

A profile of Telltale Games

Could this new band of storytellers be the next big thing for adventures? Here's an in-depth look.

Oct 4, 2004

Dark Fall: Lights Out review

Jonathan Boakes returns with the sequel to his indie smash horror game--here's our reviewer's take.

PC Oct 1, 2004

Law & Order 3 hands-on archived preview

Justice is Served is set to up the ante for the TV-based murder mystery series.

PC Sep 27, 2004

Adventure Architect: Part Eleven

This month, Josh describes his foray into the world of project management.

PC Freeware Sep 25, 2004

Alida review

Got Game's newest proves to be a quality diversion for those who like their adventures puzzle-heavy.

PC Mac Sep 21, 2004

Boyz Don’t Cry archived preview

Could the next great cartoon adventure come from Poland? Here's a look ahead.

Sep 20, 2004

Simon the Sorcerer 2 review

Flashback Friday: Adventure gaming's favorite teen sorcerer returns with this excellent sequel.

PC Sep 17, 2004

7 Days a Skeptic review

The legendary Yahtzee returns with a follow-up to one of his most popular amateur adventures.

PC Freeware Sep 16, 2004

Finding the Way Home

For those of us who wanted to work at Sierra On-Line when we were kids, Emily takes some time to live in the past.

Sep 12, 2004

Tex Murphy: Overseer review

Flashback Friday: A look back at what became the final Tex Murphy adventure.

PC Sep 10, 2004

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