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Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders review

One of the least-heralded Lucasfilm oldies is still a classic worth wrapping your brain around.

PCMac Nov 24, 2006

Destination: Treasure Island hands-on archived preview

Below deck on the good ship Kheops, Johann is roped into an early look at the upcoming pirate-themed adventure.

PCMac Nov 21, 2006

Touch Detective review

The newest DS adventure is now at hand, but success slips through its childlike fingers.

DS Nov 18, 2006

Kheops Studio - Benoît Hozjan interview

Often seen but rarely heard, AG goes behind the scenes with the most prolific current adventure game developer.

Nov 14, 2006

The Shivah review

The first commercial adventure by Dave Gilbert shows a little chutzpa and a lot of promise.

PC Nov 9, 2006

Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave review

Nancy's off to Hawaii in her hardiest adventure yet, but it's not all fun in the sun.

PC Nov 6, 2006

Secret Files: Tunguska - Jörg Beilschmidt interview

With this hot new adventure blazing trails through the genre, the game's lead designer shares his thoughts.

PCWii Nov 2, 2006

Carte Blanche hands-on archived preview

This black and white indie adventure could prove to be one of the most colourful offerings of the year.

PC Oct 26, 2006

Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero review

Flashback Friday seeks adventure in the dangerous wilds of Sierra, fighting brigands and purists along the way.

PC Oct 20, 2006

Sam & Max: Episode 1 - Culture Shock review

Thirteen years has been worth the wait for the return of everyone's favorite dog and rabbity thing.

PCWiiXbox 360 Oct 16, 2006

Maniac Mansion review

SCUMM rises to the top in this point-and-click pioneer from the early days of Lucasfilm Games.

PCMac Oct 13, 2006

Belief & Betrayal - Developer Diary (Summer ‘06)

Our retrospective inside look at Artematica's conspiracy thriller continues through the heat of the Italian summer.

PC Oct 10, 2006

Secret Files: Tunguska review

This smouldering new adventure touches down at last, hoping to set the genre on fire.

Broken Sword: The Angel of Death review

A fourth Broken Sword has at last been unsheathed, and must now test its mettle.

PC Oct 2, 2006

King’s Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella review

With Sierra back in the limelight, Flashback Friday returns teary-eyed to the classic King's Quest series.

PC Sep 29, 2006

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