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The Future of Adventure Games feature

In this colossal feature, Marek laments the low quality of adventure games, but also offers a vision for the genre's future.

0 | Dec 19, 2003

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon review

Adventure gaming's next big thing is an exciting and well-produced epic...but still a flawed adventure.

PC 7 | Dec 16, 2003

The Black Mirror review

A potentially great game ends up being a fairly mediocre murder mystery.

PC 16 | Dec 8, 2003

The Dark Eye review

Flashback Friday: Please welcome our newest writer, as he takes a look at this Poe-inspired adventure.

PC 1 | Dec 5, 2003

URU Diaries: Part 1 feature

Jim takes his first journey into the land of URU and gives us his impressions of the single-player portion.

PC 0 | Nov 29, 2003

Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island review

With their ninth entry in the series, Her Interactive reaches a new peak for Nancy Drew adventures.

PC 0 | Nov 24, 2003

Traitors Gate 2: Cypher review

Here we have our first serious contender for worst adventure of the year.

0 | Nov 19, 2003

Charles Cecil interview

Our writer met up with Charles Cecil in person at a Broken Sword 3 signing; see what he had to say.

PC 0 | Nov 18, 2003

Davorin Horak (Razbor) interview

One of the lead designers of Legacy: Dark Shadows shares some inside info on this promising adventure.

0 | Nov 14, 2003

Journey to the Center of the Earth review

Find out if a new spin on a classic novel is worth the journey in our review of Frogwares' latest adventure.

PC 1 | Nov 10, 2003

DOSBox feature

Evan tells us about the program that's a dream come true for Golden Age adventure junkies.

0 | Nov 8, 2003

Broken Sword 3 first impressions archived preview

We've got our copy of the year's most anticipated adventure game. Here's our first hands-on look!

PC 0 | Nov 3, 2003

Adventure Company: Upcoming Releases archived preview

Here's a look at the full roster of The Adventure Company's upcoming releases.

0 | Nov 3, 2003

Conspiracies review

Got Game's newest release is able to overcome many of the typical FMV problems to be a solid game.

PC 0 | Oct 30, 2003

The Neverhood review

Flashback Friday: One of the most daring and original adventures ever is also one of the most brilliant.

PC 3 | Oct 24, 2003

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