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Indigo Prophecy review

Find out why this chilling paranormal thriller may become the hottest adventure of the year.

PC Sep 20, 2005

NIBIRU: Age of Secrets review

Messenger of the Gods gets a new name, a facelift, and an English release, but it remains familiar old-school gaming.

Sep 17, 2005

VOYAGE review

Emily finds that adventure isn't dead; it's just relocated to the moon.

PC iPhone iPad Sep 12, 2005

The Goat in the Grey Fedora review

Nick Bounty, the internet's Flashiest detective, returns for a second successful mystery adventure.

PC Mac Freeware Sep 9, 2005

Myst V hands-on archived preview

It's the beginning of the End of Ages, and Laura offers her early impressions.

PC Sep 6, 2005

Another Code review

Adventure hits the ground running with an excellent debut on the Nintendo DS.

DS Sep 3, 2005

Tell Me a Story

Yahtzee plots a course through the next Depressingly Common Adventure Game Design Flaw.

Sep 1, 2005

Shady Brook review

The brook isn't all that's shady in this dark, eerie tale by the indie developers of Lifestream.

Aug 29, 2005

King’s Quest: Quest for the Crown review

Emily sets out on the original King's Quest, with stops at each of its incarnations.

PC Mac Aug 25, 2005

Martin Mystère: Operation Dorian Gray review

The world-renowned comic book hero gets his chance to shine on PC, but lacks a little polish.

PC Aug 23, 2005

the white chamber review

Horror adventure meets anime in this surprising debut title from Studio Trophis.

PC Freeware Aug 20, 2005

Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock review

Nancy celebrates her 75th birthday in style, by triumphantly returning to where it all began.

PC Aug 17, 2005

VOYAGE - A History of the Selenites archived preview

An insider's look at the mysterious lunar race at the heart of Kheops Studio's VOYAGE.

PC iPhone iPad Aug 15, 2005

Delaware St. John, Volume 1: The Curse of Midnight Manor review

The planned ten-game supernatural series shows promise, but kicks off on uneven footing.

PC Aug 13, 2005

Bringing Bone to Life movie archived preview

Exclusive: Only at Adventure Gamers, the premiere of Telltale's behind-the-scenes Bone movie!

PC Mac Aug 9, 2005

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